HOUDINI 18.5 Error when subimitting

I am submitting from Houdini 18.5 to Deadline with the 2 patched files provided by you guys on the forum, it works like a charm on Linux but gives me an error on Windows 10:

Unable to locate ‘CallDeadlineCommand.py’, please ensure your Deadline ROP installation is correct.

Any hints to workaround that ?

Thank you,


I was missing the python2.7libs in the houdini18.5 folder

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I have the same problem as you can tell me how you can solve it

i found a workaround was to copy the python2.7libs in the houdini18.5 folder and rename it python3.7libs.

This may or may not work for you.

Thank you !!
but i have a another problem to solve

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