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Houdini licence : Engine, Core or FX?

Hello There.

Does anybody has an idea how to force (or at least know) witch licence a Worker will pick when it’ll start a Houdini job.

Actually all my graphists working with Core version of Houdini are stuck by the renderfarm because workers picks Core licence while i have few FX licence available.
I’d like to force : “This node needs to pick a FX version first”

Thanks !

It should be taking an Engine license for rendering or processing

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It does for worker on renderNodes. And i have made a limit for that.

It seems that the workstations, that i have excluded in the Deadline > Plugins > Houdini > Escape licence, are taking Core version over FX.

I always thought the ‘escape’ licenses were a legacy thing, handy if you can extend the rendering by using the full licenses when not in use.

Is the render running as a different user? is it possible to force users to pull a specific license?

PDG has an option for this

I don’t see one for Houdini but it must have one

I think it depends on which executable you are using - houdinicore, houdinifx, hython.
They will pick their respective licenses. Hython (called by Deadline) uses engine, but perhaps it can be forced to use a different one, dunno.
There is also the variable HOUDINI_SCRIPT_LICENSE, but this might not be what you are asking about.


I’ve juste found where the problem was.

In fact, escape licence is another term for Core (How are Licenses acquired from the license server? | SideFX)

So i was forcing all my workstations to pick a core licence.
I’ve changed this, and this should be good now.

RenderFarm > Pick Engine licence + limit defined
WorkstationFX > Pick FX licence
WorkstationCore > Saved in the escape listing so pick Core licence

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