How to hide/turn off deadlinercs.exe

Hi , i wanna know how to hide or turn off the deadlinercs.exe command prompt window.

The cmd window keep poping up .

Is there a way to turn off / hide it ? Thanks.



If you don’t need to have the Remote Connection Server (a.k.a. the RCS) running you can just close it, and if you don’t want the Launcher to keep trying to re-open it you’ll want to set


in %PROGRAMDATA%\Thinkbox\Deadline[VERSION]\deadline.ini.

More info about client configuration can be found here.

But if you’re using the AWS Portal, or running the RCS for other clients to be able to connect to the Database you’re stuck minimizing it, as there’s no way to hide it without re-installing Deadline as a service.

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Hi Justin. I don’t mind this command prompt popping up/being there but is there a way to stop it from stealing focus? I want to be able to run the RCS on my workstation but also continue doing other things without being constantly interrupted. For example, typing this here now and RCS has stolen focus and stopped me from typing once. Thanks!


At the moment the only fix is to re-install the client as a service so Deadline is unable to draw a GUI.

You can still use the Monitor when Deadline is installed as a service by running the deadlinemonitor.exe from the installation folder.

I’ve been using this little utility called rbtray for exactly this. Lets you minimize an app to windows tray: GitHub - benbuck/rbtray: A fork of RBTray from

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