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Incorrect task status/progress reporting

Hi! We seem to be having a Deadline problem where a node appears to be stuck “Rendering” on a Nuke task (it will be at 0% for a few minutes). That’s not super unusual by itself, but when we then inspect the “Workers” panel, look for the worker in question and check the “Job Name” column, it is actually working on another task for another job…

The task on the original job (the one that has status “Rendering” at 0%) will eventually requeue automatically (maybe because the actual worker task finishes?), but this usually takes a few minutes… We’re not quite sure what could be causing the issue, so any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

We are not using multiple workers per machine and our Deadline version is
Deadline Monitor 10.1
Deadline Client Version: Release (d9f8db73b)
FranticX Client Version: Release (378269517)

Reminiscing the good old Frantic days where the dev team was only one staircase away… Anyone out here?

We don’t get the time to get into the forums as much as we’d like, the ticket system’s a better place if you’ve got something you’d like to get in front of the support team/engineers. That’s at :slight_smile:

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