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Installation for 3ds max 2024

Dear Thinkbox.

I have downloaded Krakatoa 2.12.2 for 3ds max 2024 but it seems like the installer does only recognize 3ds max versions up to 2023. I am working on a rather grand project but we are stuck with this unexpected turn of events.
I am from Sweden and cannot understand why this has not been resolved? I can see there have been other posts about this.
Should I contact someone else within the VFX world and highlight this issue to other companies, so that they are aware of what is going on? It is not nice to stumble upon this from nowhere. There are no pointers anywhere on this website telling us its only available for 3ds max 2023 as the highest upgrade.

Sorry for the inconvenience here, Krakatoa doesn’t support 3ds max 2024 as of now. We have raised an internal feature request on this and developers efforts are needed on it. This may not be in the priority list of feature need to be added in Deadline.

Follow this forum thread on unofficial support if it works for you: Kraoatoa for 3dsMax 2024 - #2 by zainali

look forward to Krakatoa release notes for future bug fixtures and feature releases: Krakatoa MX Documentation — KRAKATOA 2.12.x documentation

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