Installation problems on win10

Hi there!

I tried to install deadline on just one machine and I encountered two problems.

1.) When I run the submitter installation I got the error message that the directory could not be detected (see attached image)

2.) I tried to set the permissions for the repository folder like described in the docs but ended up with the “name not found” message (see also attached image)

I’m not really experienced with that stuff and appreciate any help.

Thanks a lot!

Might have something to do with your installation… could you try running Deadline10/bin/deadlinecommand.exe from the command line?

that seems to work…it just prints some options into the shell.

That is indeed puzzling. No further ideas come to mind yet. Are you running the installation as administrator?

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I did run as admin, no idea :-S

But thanks a lot for your help.