Is it prossible to be opensource of the plugins --lightning64Max2018.dlx

Some times we want to modify some funciton of the plugins ,but cant do it .for example : 3ds max scene has more then two cameras ,one of cameras is locked . if we don’t open the application to open the scene and unlocked the camera ,Deadlie will render wrong camera by the scene.if open source the plugin code ,we can add some fuction to moudify the problem.
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Can official developers reply?
Thanks !

I do not know 3D Max scripting so forgive me if I’m wrong. This sounds like something that can be taken care in the pre job script. Launch command line MAX, load scene using path from Job object job.GetJobExtraInfoKeyValue("SceneFile") , select all camera, unlock, save.

I did a quick search and found a few links that may be useful.