Is there a command to get only the most recent jobs inside python webservice script


does anyone know if there is a command to get only the most recent jobs from deadline repo?
Currently I’m running a web service script, which uses this command:


The problem with that is that it returns all jobs from the start of deadline, which takes a lot of time to transfer and then process. I would ideally like to run a command that would allow me to specify how old jobs I want to receive, so something like:


I’ve browsed the scripting reference for deadline, but I couldn’t find any command that would allow me to do that. There is a command to only get jobs with specific status like “Completed” or “Active”, but nothing else.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you considered using deadlinecommand It has this argument that you could probably use.

deadlinecommand.exe GetJobsFilterIniAnd SubmitDateTimeString=02/07/2020* Status=Active

Where SubmitDateTimeString = mm/dd/yyyy and Status = Active, Completed, etc. I use subprocess.check_output to query jobs this way all the time.

Hey look at that - I really could have used that command like 3 days ago. TIL!