Is there a way to send a "Completed" job?

I’m sending 2 kinds of job.
One as a backup and as suspended.
But, because this backup job is suspended, the entire batch never completed, and it makes user confused.

What would be the best way to send job as completed or make it complete?

How are you submitting the job? Custom submitter, one of the integrated submitters, command line, Monitor, Rest API, something else? :slight_smile:

In general, if you are using a programmatic way (a script) to perform the submission and can get the JobID of the submitted job, you could call a deadlinecommand to set the state of the Job as Completed after the submission.

For example,

deadlinecommand -CompleteJob 608825f77214896c889b0c65

In the special case of SMTD, you could call this using SMTDFunctions

SMTDFunctions.CallDeadlineCommandInMemory "-CompleteJob 608825f77214896c889b0c65" multiLine:false timeOut:10


The second method is even better to know.

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