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Issue with latest deadline and 3ds max 2023

Today I installed the latest Deadline ( to work with 3ds max 2023.
I have also already installed 3ds max 2021.
When I submit a project from Max 2023 when rendering the CPU is at 100% utilization and thus making the whole system useless to do anything else. Even clicking to a window takes many seconds to do it.
But if I submit the same exact project from max 2021 it works as it should no slowdown.

Any ideas?

You want the CPU to be at 100% when rendering, this makes the render go faster…

If you are rendering on the machine you are using and you want to keep using it then it would make sense to use the CPU Affinity and reserve a couple of cores for yourself


Maybe you didn’t read the whole post.
This issue appeared on the latest version of Deadline when using Max 2023. I never had this issue before. That’s my point. I don’t want to use extra things (affinity on cores etc) for no reason when the software has an issue.

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I’m a bit confused you consider that to be an issue. If anything I’d be annoyed by max bot utilizing all resources.

Nonetheless do you experience the same behaviour when rendering directly through Max without Deadline? I’m asling because I’d suspect an ‘issue’ with Max before Deadline as mas 2021 seems to work as desired.

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