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Issues Exporting Data from Farm Status Reports

Hi, I’m trying to get the completed job report numbers into Excel so I can get some basic statistics…like total render time for a specific project. But Excel doesn’t seem to like the dd:hh:mm:ss numbers that Deadline has exported.

Does anyone know any specific tricks that I need to do so I can sum these numbers in Excel?

You can use custom date formatting in excel and it will work. Right click cell - formatting, then choose date formatting and write a custom format if needed.

Thanks for the advice. I did use the custom formatting but that in itself did not work. The only way I could get excel to recognize the numbers is if I deleted a few numbers at the beginning and then put them back in. This shifted the text from left justified to right justified. Unfortunately I’m dealing with a thousand cells and am unable to do that with every cell in an efficient way.

Thanks for the link. I’m not at all that familiar with Excel to follow along with that. I’m also on a short time table so I’m just copying the data from the CSV and using python to formulate the numbers I need.

Toggling ‘Human Readable Copying’ might also help out, disabling that drops the people-friendly formatting on text copied to your clipboard.


It should be available in that little arrow dropdown on every grid in the Monitor.

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Nice, I was not aware of this!

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