Job tagged as failed even tho it finished the job

My jobs are finished. But, somehow it think it failed.
How can I force to exit?


Error: RenderTask: Unexpected exception ( ; Task Completed with Error(s) - see above)
at Deadline.Plugins.PluginWrapper.RenderTasks(String taskId, Int32 startFrame, Int32 endFrame, String& outMessage, AbortLevel& abortLevel)



Stack Trace

at Deadline.Plugins.SandboxedPlugin.d(DeadlineMessage aqi)
at Deadline.Plugins.SandboxedPlugin.RenderTask(String taskId, Int32 startFrame, Int32 endFrame)
at Deadline.Slaves.SlaveRenderThread.c(TaskLogWriter agz)

I managed to call ExitWithSuccess().
But… I got this…

Error: RenderTask: Unexpected exception (The render was aborted because ExitWithSuccess was called.)
at Deadline.Plugins.PluginWrapper.RenderTasks(String taskId, Int32 startFrame, Int32 endFrame, String& outMessage, AbortLevel& abortLevel)

Anyone please? @Bobo ?

Can we see the whole log with the actual errors? The top of the log contains the Error part, but the actual cause for the error might be in the body of the log. Also, there is zero information what the job is, what plugin is used (custom, or a default one), and what error handlers exist in that plugin.

It is possible that the output contains some token that triggers an error handler without being an actual error. Some Deadline plugins have options to ignore some errors, others don’t. For example, in MayaBatch we have a “Strict Error Checking” option set to True by default that will fail if Maya even sneezes, but it can be turned off to avoid failing on general warnings and errors that might not be fatal. In your case, we need to see what exactly you are running, and why Deadline thinks there were errors in the Task…

OH!!! I think I found the issue.

But, why ExitWithSuccess() is not working?
I have had other cases that task tagged as not properly completely because of silent 3dsMax crash what not.

I just want to force completely when I know for sure everything is OK.
Shouldn’t ExitWithSuccess() for that?

Yes, ExitWithSuccess() is supposed to end the task successfully. I am not sure if it is broken, or it does what it is supposed to do, but the job error you are fighting is still sneaking in and causing it to fail while attempting to exit.

@Justin_B Any ideas?

What version of Deadline are you running? We’ve had this issue in as a by-product of some changes in our Python.NET implementation.

If you’re not able to upgrade, try using self.AbortRender("Exiting with success", ManagedProcess.AbortLevel.Success) instead as a test. But upgrading to should resolve this.

OK. I’ll try…

So… the issue is… I got this error…

DLL <C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018\Plugins\MAXtoA\ArnoldVolumeObject.dlo> failed to initialize. Error code 127 - The specified procedure could not be found.

But, since we don’t use Arnold, I made to skip fail in HandleStdoutError.

So, it didn’t error out immediately. But, it still somehow remembers I had error and make it fail.

We are on .


Task Completed with Error(s) - see above

This is actually message from 3damaxbatch.
Even tho 3dsMax batch finished job. Deadline catch this message and make the job fail.

I’d have to see the whole task report to be sure, but there’s likely a StdOutputHandler that’s failing the job based on the word ‘Error(s)’ in that line in the Deadline plugin code.

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