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Jobs sent via Webservice not showing on Monitor


I’ve done a fresh install of Deadline Repo on Ubuntu 20.04, and installed the Webservice on a separate vm with the same os version. Using MongoDb binaries mongodb-linux-x86_64-ubuntu2004-4.4.25.tgz and setting up a new database.

When I send a job via the webservice to the repo it doesn’t show up in the Deadline monitor, but I can see all the job info/job ids when I query the api.

I get a 200 code back when submitting the job, so it all looks like it is being passed over correctly.

I’ve sent using this script before to a windows repo/webservice and it shows up like normal.

Any ideas?


Also, Deadline monitor will crash if I launch a new window for a different Repository.

If I manually change the repo with deadlinecommand, then it opens fine.


The request seems to be getting through correctly, as the scripts return HTTP code 200. We might need to check if the Web Service is reporting any error. Could you be able to get the Web Service logs from Deadline application log folder.

Also if you can query back the job, then you might need to check if there is any filter on the Jobs panel which is filtering the job out. Or check the IP address/hostname in the script, maybe it is connecting or submitting the job to a different Repository.

For the Deadline Monitor crashing issue, we would need to check the Monitor logs from the application log folder. It would help us investigate the issue.

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