Katana / Redshift Render fails in Deadline 10 but batch render works fine


I have a 290 frame render that works great using the usual katana batch command (Windows 10).
Rendering on Deadline causes one frame to work and the next one to fail (and go into queue mode), then to following one works again, fails the queued and work on the next.

I added time between in Tools > Configure Repository Options > Performance Settings > Worker Intervals > Number of seconds between tasks from 2 to 10 and 30 to no avail.

This is the error on the log:
2020-03-12 19:17:19: 0: STDOUT: [INFO python.RenderLog]: [WARN plugins.Redshift]: Warning: No compatible GPUs detected! Rendering will be disabled!

But it works if I retry the task (and fails the rest)

I hope I’m being clear enough. Again, this works no problem in prompt and works in Deadline as long as it’s individual shots.

System: Windows 10, Katana 3.5, Redshift 2.6, Deadline 10 downloaded and installed today so as updated as possible. Any tips?

Thank you!


Hello Abel,
We have the same issue here. The first image render correctly and the others rendered but are completely black.

Did you find a solution ? Or does the thinkbox team had a solution ?

We are using Katana 3.6v2 and Redshift 3.0.27

Thank you !


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