Keyshot 7 support in Deadline10?


Hi there,

Any idea when Deadline10 will support Keyshot 7?


Looks like we’ve got an issue to get it done. I’m asking there when we might see it.

What’s the urgency on your side? Have you already started using 7 in production?


Hi Edwin,

we’ve just deployed it this month and Keyshot are sending someone to do some training and an overview on Monday so we will be using it a lot and soon.

Thanks and rgards



Good to know! It looks like the submitter is getting quite the overhaul so it’ll take some reasonable testing. Would you be willing to pilot that for us with Keyshot 6 and 7? I’ll ask over here what the best way to do that will be.


of course!! happy to help


Good news is that it was just merged in yesterday so we’ll wait for 10.0 SP6 to go out the door and you should be in business there. Feel free to report back here if you find anything interesting.


That’s great will let you know


Just got round to testing it and seems to work fine :wink: