Max 2020 support forthcoming?

I know it’s been asked about (last year), but wanted to give the topic a bump. Any anticipated schedule for Max 2020 support on AWS (w/ VRay)?

Hey Jeff

Please follow the link below for the answer and its workaround.


Is the answer the same for Max? Because that’s what I was asking about :smile:

Sorry about that, I was just blind. :slight_smile:

I’ll get back to you after I write something up for max or find one.

Not necessary – I tried creating a custom AMI with Max2020, and it has been rendering. So far so good! Appreciate the help in any case. Nice to get a response in a timely manner.

Hey Jeff,

Seems like Max 2020 AMI (preset) isn’t supported as of January 9, 2019:

I’ve created a feature request, because I can’t write it up :slight_smile: