Max Mongo version ?


The docs still say the maximum supported mongo version is 3.2.x is that true? We’re looking at trying out a cloud solution but if we go with a shared database storage we will be slaves to their upgrade cycle.


Hey Gavin,

Yes that is true, it’s due to the current driver we are using. I’ve elevated your request for supporting later versions. Can you give a little more detail into what you are looking for? Which version?




I opened a ticket but I’m exploring the possibility of using a DBaaS but then I would be locked into a shared MongoDB version.


It’s still true. The problem currently is that the C# driver has changed somewhat. I don’t know if they’re still maintaining 3.2 at this point, so it’s probably a good time to move forward.

I did a quick read of the changelog to see what else may have changed. I don’t think there are any large hurdles, but proper testing is going to need to be done so I don’t expect it to be a quick change. Especially if 3.2 isn’t compatible with the driver… That’ll be a dangerous situation for existing databases.


I was about to install Deadline to try it out, but I have MongoDB 3.6.8 running on my machine already and was going to upgrade to version 4 eventually, then I see that this software only works with 3.2.18.

So, yes, it needs to be updated. Any progress on this?


Well, if that’s the blocker for you I’d at least give it a try. The issue with deviating from 3.2 is that it’s not the version everyone else is using. We used to have a hard wall before we upgraded the C# driver but that’s done now. I just can’t tell you how successful people have been with newer versions.

I’m told 4.0 has worked for customers, but I’d rather we run some tests against it before I’d say I’m comfortable recommending it.


I installed 3.2.18 as a separate instance of MongoDB outside of my existing Homebrew-based development environment. It’s contained within it’s own folder with separate data storage, logs, and PID file. With this setup, it seems that I can have both versions of MongoDB running.

I’ll try to install Deadline 10 tonight and report back.


Sounds good! For what it’s worth I have three parallel installs of MongoDB on the work machine and my record on the Mac was four:


So, I ended up letting the Deadline installer do its thing and install its own version of MongoDB. Setting up MongoDB manually to work with Deadline became a pain. If anyone is running a Homebrew install already, there really is no issue with just letting the Deadline installer handle this. I installed the database and the Deadline applications into /Users/mike/Applications/Thinkbox (on my Mac) and I’m good to go.

As a precaution, you may want to track the PID and database storage locations in your mongod.conf file to avoid conflicts between the two Mongo installations, but I’m not even sure if this is necessary. Here’s my mongod.conf for my Homebrew installation, as an example:

  pidFilePath: /usr/local/var/mongodb-pid/
  port: 29019
  dbPath: /usr/local/var/mongodb

This ensures that my Homebrew MongoDB instance stores its Process ID number in a file called located in /usr/local/var/mongodb-pid/ and its data is stored in usr/local/var/mongodb.

You can find more information on running multiple instances of MongoDB on the same system here.