Maya Redshift GPU Affinity not working



So I recently read that deadline can do GPU affinity with readshift causing it to render each frame using one of the GPU’s. I have a 4x GPU system and I tried setting GPU affinity and it seemed to start rendering 4 concurrent frames at the same time as expected. However by the looks of it, It was trying to render all 4 frames using 1 GPU causing them to take almost an hour to render in fact it I never let the frames complete as it was taking too long. When rendering these frames with Maya batch from within Maya they take less than a minute to complete.

Could I please get some help with this. Am I setting something wrong when I submit?

I set GPUs Per Task = 1
Concurrent Tasts = 4

Maya 2018.4
Redshift 2.6.29

system spec
AMD Threadripper 1950x
32Gig Ram
M.2 drives


I think Maya will output in the render log which GPUs it’s planning on using. Deadline had some rough spots early on with affinity but those should be pretty smooth in Deadline 10 if I’m remembering correctly.

Docs on setting the GPU affinity per Slave can be found here. For the per-app affinity you’ll have to look at each app’s section in our docs, and Maya’s is here.

For Redshift via the MayaBatch plugin, you should see this in the logs:

This Slave is overriding its GPU affinity, so the following GPUs will be used by RedShift: (list of GPUs)

Not sure about MayaCmd at the moment…


Thanks for the response, I figured out what the problem was and just came online to reply and see its exactly what you wrote. The slave had the “override GPU affinity” check check box enabled. I unchecked that and all is good. Rendering like a beast :smile:

Thank you