Module not found when attempting hello world python job on AWS Portal

I am attempting a hello world job in python on AWS Portal, however the job errors out when trying to import the basic Deadline modules:

both of these aren’t found

from System.IO import *
from Deadline.Scripting import *

I am using the standard Deadline 10 Worker ami. Am I missing something in the configuration details?

Hi Matthew

I will try recreating the issue. Can you tell me the specifics of Worker AMI? Linux/Windows and is it a spot instance or proper machine on AWS like GW instance?


Thanks for the response, Zain.
The worker AMI i used was based on Deadline Worker Base Image Linux 2019-10-03T034012Z (ami-0b41bd49aecd789cc). No real changes except I added blender 2.8 (though that has nothing to do with python, I have also posted separately about troubles running a blender job).
Pretty sure it is a spot instance. Haven’t heard of a GW instance. How would I tell the difference?