Monitor Script - Pull in 3dsmax info as combo boxes?



I’m writing a monitor script that gives some info on the render job on the farm (render size/camera/quality etc).

Is it possible to create a dropdown menu like when accessing the job properties in the Monitor?

Specifically I would like to be able to select a different camera in the scene once it has been submitted to the repo (like the attached, which is under the 3dsmax properties in the job props)


Any ideas? I can only find reference to GroupComboBox & PoolComboBox in the docs.



Hey Squeakybadger,

Are you looking for the AddComboControl function? Not sure what version of scripting ref docs you’re using, but I noticed the latest version (10) was missing info on that function. I’ve had to reference back to the Deadline 9 Scripting docs for a couple of functions like this.

Let me know if this helps.