Multi Cam Submitter without saving Max file for every cam


I have a working custom deadline submitter which sends the job using:

My aims:

  • To add one click multi camera submit capability (with different Max / Vray RAW / Vray Separate output paths and altered frame sizes per camera)
  • For the Max file to be saved only once (reduces submit time on heavy jobs):

I found Bobo’s wonderful script: “SMTDWorkflow_MultiCameraSubmit”

It uses “SMTDFunctions.SubmitJobFromUI” instead of the above mentioned “waitForCommandToComplete”

I cannot switch to Bobo’s script as my submitter does some bespoke stuff which I need.

If I develop my script, can either “SubmitJobFromUI” or “waitForCommandToComplete” achieve my aims listed above?

My first guess is the below code, but I cant see how I should force all those different paths and frame sizes (defined in the one saved max file) to be overridden.

SMTDFunctions.SaveMaxFileCopy maxFileToSubmit --run once

For c = 1 to AllcamNames.count do
local SubmitInfoFile = SMTDPaths.tempdir + “\\max_submit_info_”+ AllcamNames[c] + ”.job
local JobInfoFile = SMTDPaths.tempdir + “\\max_job_info_” + AllcamNames[c] +”.job
SMTDFunctions.CreateSubmitInfoFile SubmitInfoFile
SMTDFunctions.CreateJobInfoFile JobInfoFile
local initialArgs="\""+SubmitInfoFile+"\" \""+JobInfoFile+"\" \""+maxFileToSubmit+"\" "
result = SMTDFunctions.waitForCommandToComplete initialArgs SMTDSettings.TimeoutSubmission

Many thanks for any steer in the right direction! :smiley:

I figured out the solution for the above but hit a different problem.
New thread (includes details on solution) here:

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