Need custom quicktme files using Draft


I am new to this draft could anyone can guide me how to use draft with custom Quicktime plugin and Slate for .mov file.

My Requirement are :

1:-Quicktime mov file with Motion Jpeg B Codec
2:- Resolution 1920 x 1080

3:-Quicktime file bottom side i need Timecode Frames shot name and Date in once line.

4:-Slate needed containing
Shot name :
Date :
Resolution :
Framecount :
Frames rate :



Well, it’ll take some scripting.

A good base might be the annotations, but they’ll require manual saving and loading but don’t have everything you need:

2017-09-11 10_01_20-Draft Create Annotations.png

How capable are you of Python scripting? I can provide the API calls you’ll need, but I think there is going to be a fair amount of tweaking to get things exactly the way you want.



Oh great was tried with your suggestions but fail to get exactly what i need as this has client side requirement which has to full fill anyway …
Truly i have very less or you can say zero knowledge in python .
If you can make it any custom annotation or APi call as you said they it would be a great great help .