Need help with User Groups

Good Morning,

I manage a render farm at a school and we recently switched to Deadline. I need some assistance with User Group Settings.

I’m trying to organaze students by groups and give each group it’s one priority as well as controll the number of computers they can send their renders to for each submission. I can create and organize the groups easy enough but am stuck when attempting to control the priority of the group, as an example.

I’ve given the option to Enable, Disable or Inherit. If I choose Disable, the group still have the option to set the permissions to whatever they want. How do I or where do I go to enter a value for that group? Hope that makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

If you’re looking to disable the user group’s ability to edit user groups you’ll have to disable ‘Manage User Groups’ under the Tools menu. I’m not 100% sure I’ve read you correctly though, so please correct me if need be!

To give each group a priority we’ve got an old Event Plugin up on our GitHub here that might help you out -

Let me know if you’ve got more questions or if I’m totally misunderstanding what you’re looking to do.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for getting back to me. I am very much a beginner at Deadline so thank you for having patience with me. I believe the answer you provided is correct but I’ll try to explain a little better.

I want to create seperate user groups for each class of students. Each user assigned to that group will automatically have their priority and number of instances determined for them by that group.

Thanks again.


If you’re looking to do something like:
Art Students = 50
Science Students = 70
Faculty = 99

I’d use that PriorityClamp Event Plugin to make that work. If you just want a group to default to 50, disable their ability to set the Priority as 50 is the default.

To limit the number of simultanious machines, set that with MachineLimit much the same way that Priority gets set in PriorityClamp.

I realize getting into Event Plugins is a big jump for just getting started with Deadline but your ideal workflow isn’t built-in. I don’t think I’ve got the spare time to update PriorityClamp to also be able to set MachineLimit but I’m happy to help you along with any issues you run into.

This is excellent info. Thanks Justin.

I’ll see what I can do now that I’m pointed in the right direction.


Keep me posted!

Just keep in mind that Job Groups are different than User Groups!

Groups (in the Job/Worker sense) are for limiting jobs to a subset of Workers. So you’d have a GPU Group that all your GPU Workers are in and you’d add the GPU Group to your Jobs that require GPUs.

Just in case you come across that in the API docs and get your wires crossed. :slight_smile: