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Newbie with dealine

Hi, I’m new with this soft and i’m in trouble with the setting of a render farm on a local network. I’m 3D artist and i always render on my own PC, so i found that a little tricky.
I want a master station that control the other stations. To beggening i shearch to connect one PC on the master station and i will repeat the operation for the other stations.

Thanks for your time and help !

how many PC’s are you using and which OS?

What software are you using to render and what do you want to distribute.

If you run the Deadline database on a machine that’s rendering it’ll likely crash as it runs out of resources

The idea is to use deadline for free on a farms with 10 machines.

I’m on Windows 10, and it’s for mutilple softs, like 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, Nuke and maybe houdini.

I have a NAS available too.

Deadline is free for unlimited machines now.

Do you have a server to run the Database on, or will the NAS be capable of handling it too?

Ideally it has it’s own server or VM to run on, that is the ‘master’ station you’re talking about.

Wow ! Ok, I didn’t have the right informations.

I would prefer run deadline on a PC master and connect as much machine as i want, beacause i have to let the server free for the storage (i’m not alone to work on the server)

For now, i have install the repository and the deadline client on my master PC. This seem to work, i can see my station idle on deadline monitor with deadline worker.
And that’s at this point i don’t really know what to do to connect a second PC on this one.

The second PC just needs the Client installed, you then need to point it at the ‘Master’, you should be able to connect it the same way you connected DeadlineClient on the ‘Master’ machine.

You may need to create a network share for the repository if you’re using the direct connect method

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