Nuke Submiter - selected nodes only - doesn't accept write nodes inside group


I am about to start using Avalon for Nuke. Avalon write nodes are encapsulated in the group node.

Is there any way to push Deadline to use “Selected Nodes Only”? It seems like Deadline only accepts write nodes and refuses to dig thru group nodes; artists unnecessarily render every write node in the Nuke script every time.

Maybe somehow using sanity check? Or should we modify the submitter itself? There is a function RecursiveFindNodes that ignores Writes in groups…

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Deadline Version: Release (e0d42871d)
Nuke 11.3v4 Windows 10


Sorry for replying to my own post. I checked the and it actually correctly finds the write nodes inside groups.

Not sure why it ignored selection before, but there is no problem now.

Sorry for the noise.