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Octane Standalone 2021 Support

Hello, i’m testing deadline with octane 2021.1. deadline currently doesn’t have official support for octane 2021, so i added octane 21’s exe in octane 2019 path in Configure Plugins. Single pass render works fine, but when i Submit a job with ‘Save all Enabled Passes’ , it doesn’t render and gets a Stack Trace error :

Stack Trace
   at Deadline.Plugins.SandboxedPlugin.d(DeadlineMessage bbf)
   at Deadline.Plugins.SandboxedPlugin.RenderTask(String taskId, Int32 startFrame, Int32 endFrame)
   at Deadline.Slaves.SlaveRenderThread.c(TaskLogWriter aer)


Log has this error :

2021-11-30 17:02:51:  0: STDOUT: Started logging on 30.11.21 17:02:10
2021-11-30 17:02:51:  0: STDOUT: OctaneRender Studio 2021.1 (11000014)
2021-11-30 17:02:51:  0: STDOUT: [string "DeadlineOctane4.lua"]:1000: bad argument #6 to 'saveRenderPasses' (number expected, got nil) (line: 1000)
2021-11-30 17:02:51:  0: STDOUT: Stopped logging on 30.11.21 17:02:51
2021-11-30 17:02:51:  0: INFO: Process exit code: 100
2021-11-30 17:02:51:  0: Done executing plugin command of type 'Render Task'

Any Help Pls???

We would also like to see Deadline support Octane Standalone 2021+ including the AOV node

please tell me how to modify the plugin so that the Deadline supports the current version?

Hello @Rendernaya

There is an Internal ticket cut to our Engineering Team to add support for Octane 2020-2022, as Octane 2022 support cannot be added by simply changing the configuration files. Adding another Thread for more Information. I have linked this forums thread to Internal Ticket and I can’t share the details about Road Map due to Internal policy.


is there any news on the adaptation Octane Stanalone 2022-2023?

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