One node, multiple GPU distribution issue


Hi there,

so we are rendering with redshift standalone and we have one node with multiple GPU. We want to distribute incoming jobs on each GPU on that node.
I tried the following options:

  • Slave options of that node: Concurrent Task Limit override: 2 (2 GPUs on that machine)
  • GPU affinity: Activate GPU 1 and 2.
  • redshift-options: Activate only one GPU.

However, during rendering only GPU 0 is used due to the fact that in the rendering-call of the redshiftCmdLine it says only to use -gpu 0

How can I make it happen that I use both GPUs in parallel for two jobs at the same time?


use multiple slave instance, then assign each slave an affinity with a gpu.

SlaveInstance1 = GPU_Affinity=gpu0
SlaveInstance2 = GPU_Affinity=gpu1

and so on, I use this for up to 8 cards, usually in 4x2 affinity
(I think you need to enable launching new slave instances in user groups under menu items)


I’ll try that and report. Thanks!!


I guess that worked, thank you!
So, but how many licenses would I need for a machine running 4 GPUs? Only one?


Yeah, just one per physical machine.


Great, thank you all for your input! Very good.