OpenEXR python package not loading from Event Plugin

I’m having a problem with the OpenEXR python package when accessed through an Event Plugin. It won’t load. I get the error:

ImportError : DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.

Listing the available packages from the same Event Plugin shows it is available but just not loading. We have a Windows based system, workstations and farm, and a centralised python environment that runs across them all. I can remote in to any of the render farm machines, run python and import the OpenEXR package with no problems. When I try the same thing in an Event Plugin, I get the above error. It’s really annoying me now!


Try adding the path to the OpenEXR to the Python search paths. The Python that Deadline is running is different than the Python environment used by the rest of the OS.

If you’d like to test scripts as Deadline will run them (as if it was an Event Plugin, an Application Plugin, etc) run deadlinecommand -ExecuteScript

On Windows that’ll look like "%deadline_path%"\deadlinecommand -ExecuteScript C:\path\to\ It’s also worth noting that Deadline’s Python (technically Python for .NET) is built on Python 2 which may be causing trouble.

Thanks Justin.

The path is already in the Python search paths which is why I think it shows up in the packages list.

I’ve installed the OpenEXR package for 2.7 from here:
Maybe that just doesn’t work with Python .NET

Useful to know about that command for testing under the correct environment.

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