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Opening a manual submit job over Remote Connection takes about 3 min


I was on version and was experiencing very long waiting times to open a “manual submit job” using a remote connection. It takes on average 3 min to open a manual job using Window → Submit → Choosing any random job …

I’ve updated to and still experiencing the same issue.
On a direct connection, the manual submission works instantly.

I’ve tried deleting the existing cache but it doesn’t have any effect…

Experiencing this on Mac & PC

deadlinercs doesn’t provide any insights either.


Hello @marcuzzz

I need some more information on this. Please share the following:

  1. Which machine is running the RCS and where is the repository located?
    I’m interested to know where in network is the RCS and how far is it from the machine in question.
    Also tell me about Repository sharing protocol like SMB/NFS
  2. I see you are using custom submission script, does the same thing happen to any Deadline’s built in submissions scripts.
  3. Does this happen on every machine in the farm or some?
  4. Enable verbose RCS logging from Deadline Monitor> Tools> Configure Repo Options> Application Data> Select RCS. Also enable RCS performance logging, to do this add RemoteConnectionServerLogCounters=True into deadline.ini of the machine running the RCS. Then restart the RCS reproduce the issue and share it’s logs.
  • RCS and the repository are located on the same VM.
  • Sharing is over SMB but for Remote Connection, you don’t need the SMB direct connection
  • Not only Custom submission scripts but any manual submission, Menubar / Submit / Any option you choose will take +3 mins…
  • Interesting enough Scripts with right + click on a job do run instantly, so for example:
    Job → Right + Click / Scripts / Processing / Draft works fine… (see screenshot)
  • Yes every machine I’ve tested using the remote connection has this issue.
  • I’ve created the logs and zipped them: (560.9 KB)
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I tested with my machine connected to an instance on the AWS. It took around 14 seconds for the first time and 7 second on the second time.

I need to look at the console logs too, close the monitor> clear the cache from here: C:\Users<your user which runs Monitor>\AppData\Local\Thinkbox\Deadline10\cache<all folders>.

Then start the Monitor> Open console from View> New Panel> Console> Run a submission script> Note the time> share the console logs and also the time. Do the same for Job scripts.

Do this test again (this time without deleting the cache folder) run the same submission script you ran in the first time note the time does it improve?

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