Power usage from nodes


Not sure if this feature is available, but I am looking to somehow estimate the wattage used by each nodes based on peak cpu% and a constant peak watt for each node by some form of corellation (see this: stackoverflow.com/questions/612 … onsumption). Does it make sense? How is cpu% caculated by deadline?

Would be cool to print out the estimated cost of electricity per job coming out from the nodes.


In the experiences I have had with large rendering studios, its easier and best to just monitor the 3-phase feeding the racks of the farm, via one of those wireless ‘clamp’ devices, which normally provides a web server/mobile app to review/track metrics. Business is interested in total cost of ownership and not just when Deadline Slave is running and may/or may not be rendering something.


+1 for an inductive ammeter if you can swing it. It’s difficult to gauge current draw based on CPU usage because different parts of the CPU might be engaged, it might be thermally throttled, etc. Better to measure directly.


Thanks all!!