randomize frame offset


Is there a way to duplicate the xmesh loaders and randomize the offset for each one. Couldnt find much in documentation for scripting with xmesh loader. So i used maxscript listener to see what it gave me when i changed the frame offset value. I tried to write a basic script, it didnt work :confused: not too good at scripting yet.


This should have worked just fine, assuming you COPIED the XMesh Loaders and did not instance then.
You can write the same in one line, like

for o in selection do o.frameOffset = random 0 30

To see all properties of the XMesh Loader, just select one of them and enter

show $
  .showIcon : boolean
  .iconSize : worldUnits
  .meshScale : float
  .keepMeshInMemory : boolean
  .writeVelocityMapChannel : boolean
  .velocityMapChannel : integer
  .renderSequence : filename
  .proxySequence : filename
  .autogenProxyPath : boolean
  .loadSingleFrame : boolean
  .frameOffset : integer
  .limitToRange : boolean
  .rangeFirstFrame : integer
  .rangeLastFrame : integer
  .enablePlaybackGraph : boolean
  .playbackGraphTime : float
  .beforeRangeBehavior : integer
  .afterRangeBehavior : integer
  .loadMode : integer
  .enableViewportMesh : boolean
  .enableRenderMesh : boolean
  .renderSequenceID : integer
  .viewportSequenceID : integer
  .displayMode : integer
  .displayPercent : float
  .useFileLengthUnit : boolean
  .lengthUnit : integer
  .ignoreMissingViewportSequenceOnRenderNode : integer

If your offset goes outside of the available range, you might have to enable the custom range option (.limitToRange=true), and specify .rangeFirstFrame and ,rangeLastFrame to avoid errors when a frame is requested that does not exist.

Please let us know what did NOT work in your attempt, as I just did it and it works just fine hereโ€ฆ


Thanks Bobo! :slight_smile: Eloi helped me and I got it working with this:

for i in 1 to selection.count do
$[i].frameOffset = random 10 20