Remote Connect Server from Internet Connect



I have local network machines and reposiyory storage in qnap. How can I deliver this project to the repo when the project is submitted from the internet?

We have written a 3dsmax submitter. He uses deadline services in the background. But we don’t know how we can do it except local. The customer will only submit the project from 3dsmax. Does not want to do anything additional (vpn, etc.)

When I use RCS, necessary aws? If it is necessary, should we only get a license for the management machine?

In summary, how do I submit from Internet to local ?


RCS isn’t necessary, it’s just more efficient than SMB over high-latency networks and does a little caching to make life better.

I’ll mention this as you’ve been working mainly with with the web service, there’s a bit of an issue there because there is not a good way to push the submission files over that connection. Because of this, what you will need to do is have a web server separate from Deadline to receive the files to a shared file server like your QNAP and the job information, and that would either call the web service and adjust the submission files to where you stored them, or you can call on deadlinecommand directly to do that work for you.


Do I need to create a second file server? Then call deadlinecommand.exe?

I really don’t understand. :frowning:

In short, isn’t smb just enough?

Very thanks =)


As long as deadlinecommand can read the files at submission time, it doesn’t really matter where they are as long as it looks like a folder to any applications.