Remote Server Connection - Change Certificate Path?


So the long story…

Our repository sits on a network share that all workstations can see and is mapped on.

When installing a clean deadline repository (10), I create a folder called “certs” in the repository where there certificates reside. The main client one is there and can be called just fine.

However when installing the remote connection server part and creating the certificates to go in that folder, they only seem to appear on the actual windows file server (when logging in directly to it). They cannot be seen or called within windows explorer on the workstations.

So when I try and start the remote connection server, it is unable to find the certificates. Even though they are actually there on the file server, they are not seen on any workstation (windows 7 or windows 10).

However if i login to the actual file server, then copy the files to another folder within the repository they finally are then visible on workstations via the mapped drive.

Sorry for the long winded story but wanted you to understand the issue.

The issue remains that when I try and run the remote connection server, it is trying to find the certificates from the original folder. How/where can I change that search path?





So as a workaround, I just reinstalled the client again (with remote connection server checked) and in the installation setup just pointed it to the certificates that i copied to the folder where the files are actually visible.

However now my next error I get when trying launch the remote connection server is that it says “The specified network password is not correct”


What network password? I was not asked for a network password in setup for those certificates. Just the client certificate which is fine as the launcher mounts fine.

Any ideas?

I have to say I find this remote connection installer very confusing. Why is part of the client installer (meaning you have to install the client on the machine as well) and I do not understand the Repository Connection Type option at all. In what instance would I want to set Connection Type to Remote Server? Just if installing deadline on a custom cloud instance image?