Render not start on the AWS Cloud


HI All! I am using Deadline for cloud rendering on the AWS. But recently I faced with the problem.
From Deadline Client I successfully created AWS Infrastructure. Then I successfully created Spot Fleets (for example 10). After that I submit my scene from 3ds max using Deadline integrated submitter. But job can’t start rendering - it’s state always “Queued”. When I selects job and clicks “Find Render Candidates…” I found only Stalled and Offline slaves (no Idle slaves - with “Able to render job” status).
Can anyone help me with this problem?
Tthank you advance.


Did you assign a group/pool to the AWS slaves when starting the spot fleet?


Hey Jane,

In “Find Render Candidates” the slave should be listed under “Unable to render” there should be a message indicating why it cannot render the job.




Hey cmoore and squeakybadger,
Thank you for your reply.
I checked AWSPortalAssetServer and AWSPortalLink local logs and found that scene’s assets don’t upload to the AWS S3. Job successfully queued, AWS infrastructure successfully created with EC2 spot instances, but spot instance can’t start render due to lack of scene’s assets.



Were you able to resolve the uploading issue?


Hey cmoore,
I reinstalled AWSPortalLink and AWSPoralAssetServer and it resolved my uploading issue.