Rendering starts very slowly on AWS


Hello, we are testing 3dsMAX rendering from the deadline using AWS.

The assets of our project are very large, one of our artworks contains a lot of plants objects, which consumes 1TB data. Although it is 1 cut, there are 108000 frames per 1 hour.
Also, because it uses a lot of Xmesh, there are so many files and it takes a very long time to submit.

Submitting all 108000 frames takes a lot of time, so after submitting about 3000 frames,
it takes about two and a half hours to upload assets to S3 via the AWS portal.
In addition, when the instance is started after the update in the S3 bucket is finished and rendering is started, rendering does not succeed, 3dsMAX ends with an error for 2 to 3 hours, and then rendering starts.
It takes about 5 hours after our project data is submitted for rendering on AWS.
Also, when we add an instance in the middle of rendering, it takes about 2 hours for the instance to start rendering.

Once rendering has started, rendering can be done in a time comparable to that of the local rendering server, but it takes a very long time to start rendering.
Is there any way to improve it?

I want to reduce the infrastructure instance spec. Is there any way to set it up?