RenderMan plugin - OutputFilename0 vanishes after Job finishes rendering a RIB file. Why?


We have an odd problem here at work. When we submit a RenderMan (RIB) job from the commandline using Job and Plugin text files, Deadline renders the frame without any trouble and then saves the EXR file to disk.

However, as soon as Deadline finishes the Job, the OutputFilename0 key/value pair vanishes from Deadline’s Job Info Parameters. This prevents Deadline from offering the user the option to view the rendered frame. The OutputDirectory0 gets left alone.

Any idea what could be causing this?


Jennifer Hachigian
Encore Hollywood

My render wrangler let me know that this is known Deadline behavior that will sometimes happen on completed jobs, causing “Scan for Missing Frames” to disappear as an option. I was hoping it was something on our end that we could fix. :sweat_smile:

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