Salve to not pick up jobs by batch name


Hi all.

We have a few job batch names that we want to make sure that one slave will not pick.
Something like:
We have a Job Batch Names… like: “doing something that is not render”
We would like those Jobs to never be picked by salve “WooHoo1”

I looked in the Docs’ but I was not sure how to word it so I found nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a way to do so in Deadline?

Thank you.


You can use groups to define which slaves can handle those jobs. Or you could also do an event script that will look at the name of the job and then blacklist the slave(s) that are not supposed to execute it.


Sorry, to be clear…

Is there a different way other than the Pools and Groups to set this?


Thank you @panze, I’ll look it up.


Some background: Job batch names are just for humans. They aren’t used anywhere in the scheduling code and it’s only the job panel in the Monitor that uses that information.

Limits and Groups are what you’ll want here. Scripting the submission based on the group name is possible.