Saving Vray History from Deadline

Hi all,

We started to use Deadline for 3ds Max in the office a couple of weeks ago.
It’s all great but we are having some issue making it to save the Vray History.

At the end we managed to render through Deadline and to save a file .vrimg that can be opened in the Vray History, but it’s just saving the RGB of the render, without all the render elements.

Is there any way/option to set Deadline to save the Vray History as well?

many thanks


We are having exactly the same difficulties. Did you manage to enable the vfb history whilst submitting jobs through Deadline?

Thanks Jen

Hi Jenny,

unfortunately we didn’t…
the only thing we managed to do, as I said, it’s to save the a .vrimg file and open it later in the Vray History but it just show you the RGB render, you can still do bloom and glare effects and control exposure ecc, but you won’t have any render element.

Did you find any other way?


Thanks for the response. I’ll update here if we find a workaround

Has anyone tried this when using Workstation mode? It will burn a workstation license, but I’m wondering if it’ll keep the history around once it’s enabled within the Max UI on the rendering machine.

Deadline should load the full Max experience to do its thing, and I’m hoping V-Ray wouldn’t know the difference.

Hi! I just tried with the Force Workstation Mode and it actually works!
we need to keep in mind that it takes a licence, but amazing!!
Thank you very much!!!

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