ScriptControl API in Deadline 10?



I’m just getting started with Deadline, and I’m working on customising the submitter for Clarisse. In the ClarisseSubmission dialog, it uses a bunch of methods such as “AddControlToGrid”, “AddComboControlToGrid”, etc. and they all work fine.

However, I don’t see these methods in the API docs for DeadlineScriptDialog in They show up if I look at the API from around version 7. Are these still supported, or can I find the API docs elsewhere?



Not exactly a documentation , but you might want to look at “//YourRepo/scripts/General/”.


Have a look at these URLs:


Hey Mike!

Those are what I’ve been looking at. In the docs, the only members listed are AddControl, closeEvent, and EnabledStickySaving, but that example is using a bunch of others (SetTitle, AddGrid, AddControlToGrid, etc.)


The examples are useful to sorta figure it out, but a proper description of the methods and their arguments would be very useful. The parent class ScriptDialog docs also don’t have those methods listed. Perhaps these are part of ThinkboxDialog or ScriptControl? Those are inherited by ScriptDialog, but I haven’t been able to find docs on those.



Understood. Quickest thing to get up to speed is to have a look at other scripts we ship as well as the ExampleUI py script. You can also just use PyQt5 natively if you prefer:


Will do, thanks Mike! Great that they’re both supported.