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Secondary C4D submission that points to a different executable?

We use c4d r26 at our studio. We would like to have a secondary submission (plugin?) that points to a different executable (a centralised deployment) than the one we use as default. How would I approach this?

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You could just add the central install location to the plugin directory, if it doesn’t find it then it’ll look for the next line (local install)

or do you need an entirely separate submission? You could use an event to find out the version used and the plugins and go that way?


Yeah, guess I’ll need a different submission as we’ll want to use r26 (just like in our main pipe) but pointing to a completely different installation which has a bunch of custom settings.

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Are there any flags I can use in the submission dialogue to force a specific version?? Eg. forcing r25 paths when submitting from r26. If so I can just replace the r25 path with my custom r26 deployment…

It’s a hack but it’ll do the job.

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