Set Command Line as default in

Is there a way to set the default of the commandLineModeBox in the to always be selected when I launch a job from Fusion.

We are using Deadline and Fusion 16.

The only way I know of is to override the Fusion job submitter script, which is what we’ve done at my studio. It may sound a bit intense, but it’s very straight forward.

Not sure what your Deadline and/or Python experience is like, but here’s roughly what needs to happen:

  1. Locate the default submitter: DeadlineRepository/scripts/Submission/
  2. Make a copy and place it here (create folders if required): DeadlineRepository/custom/scripts/Submission/

(I prefer to store an unmodified, version specific, copy of this file as well. So that when the next Deadline upgrade rolls around, I can do a diff between the unmodified version and the new shipped version, and use this information to upgrade my custom submitter. It’s clunky, but better than nothing.)

  1. Open up your file and find this line: commandLineModeBox = scriptDialog.AddSelectionControlToGrid(...
  2. You’ll see a single False there, which is the default check-state. Replace that with a True and save your file.
  3. Note that this field is also liable for persistent settings override, which means your current “off” state may have been stored for the user when they last submitted a job. If you would like to remove persistence from the “Command Line Mode” flag, you need to locate this line a little bit below where you were in step 4: settings = (.... One of the last strings in that tuple is CommandLineModeBox. Remove it. Save.

That’s it, really. This python script builds the UI for submissions from the Deadline Monitor and from the integrated Fusion submitter. So once you’ve deployed your changes, they should be live site-wide.


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Thank you! I had originally changed that value to True and wasn’t having any luck.

Definitely Step 6 was the key here! Thank you so much!

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