Shutdown pop-up


Hey there,

Would be great to have a pop-up before shutting down nodes.
Sometimes I’m working later than usual and if I forgot to switch off Launcher an my WS just shutdown while I’m working. I know there is the ‘.exe’ override but a simple message with a timeout would be nice.


I have this feeling we implemented this awhile ago but don’t dare test it. :smiley:

Is the Launcher running as a service on your workstation?

I’ll test this when I’m done today and see what happens.


Nope it’s no a service.
I’ve never seen such a pop-up until Deadline 9, maybe I’ve missed a settings to activate ?


No, I did test and it looks like the pop-up is for workstation idle detection and starting the Slave. I’ll see if I can find a ticket that exists for this one and either update it or create it if it doesn’t.


How did you setup this as a workstation? Because I’ve create a group named WS but I can’t see any workstation parameter.


Sorry, I wasn’t specific before. There isn’t a way to see any pop-up during shut down at the moment. We should have a pop-up when the Slave is being started, but I’m having trouble finding that myself in the interface. I’ll go ask around about it…