Slave error on startup


I get the following error when starting a slave. I’m still in setup phase and started the slave from same computer running monitor and repository.




Hey Chance, we dug into this one and it looks like if you have web forwarding in the UBL section of the Repository options enabled this can fail:

A very small number of people need that feature, so most should have it turned off. We’ll get this one fixed though.


Thanks Edwin, I disabled the web forwarding and the slave started up.

My goal is to use my (5) Arnold license on AWS does this mean if the web forwarding is enabled I can’t use the same machine as a slave? Also, I never set up certificates for web forwarding…just read about this in the documentation. Where is the certificate utility located? [file:///C:/Users/Chance%20Norris/Desktop/Deadline-](file:///C:/Users/Chance%20Norris/Desktop/Deadline-




I successfully rendered on the workstation running repository / database with Maya/Arnold. Now I moved on to a second workstation and installed monitor / slave. The slave shows up in Monitor but will not start rendering jobs. I checked the job reports and it displayed this message;

Error: Could not find report log: C:\DeadlineRepository10\reports\jobs\74\b\5c075f693852ac054cedf74b\5c08ad72c8b9a604045751dc.bz2

Getting closer! Thanks,



Does each machine on the farm need to have the same user account? In the example above each machine has a different user name…which could be the problem.




Quick update for those following along at home. We had a quick call yesterday, and hit an issue with BOYL Arnold setup. Had a quick chat with the guys here and I wanted to make sure, @chancenorris are you using FlexLM or RLM for the Arnold licenses? The easy way to answer that question is how do you check your Arnold license usage?


I’m using Flex Lm for the Arnold Licenses.


Hey Chance,

Arnold will look for licensing at two locations:




Try setting the license env variable for Arnold in the AWS Portal Settings environment variables to…





Hi Charles,

My Arnold environmental variable is ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE = @DESKTOP-ACEVQM5.


Is everything before the = considered the key? And everything afterwards the value?







That’s exactly right. Considering this, I think there isn’t a good way to mix/match Arnold BYOL and MayaIO’s UBL so you’ll have to pay for Arnold on AWS.


Just a heads up for the future: We’ve fixed the bug mentioned in the original post in Deadline 10.0.24.