Some questions about scripting


I had some general questions about scripting. I am a bit new to the custom scripting aspect of Deadline.

  1. How does a submission script or any other script get access to its respective plugin information?

  2. I want to build a system in which I can write to a json file the exact number of slaves being used for a job and be able to find out which frames a specific slave is going to render when I include the total number of frames to be processed?

I will research more but these questions are allusive to me.



  1. There is a blog post covering custom plugin creation. Check it out if it helps?.

  2. You can set whitelist machine per job. I’m not sure it’s possible on a per frame basis.

Submission interface has a field you can select the slaves. If you want to read from json you can manually submit the job adding parameter Whitelist=<slaveName,slaveName,slaveName> Here’s URL of the doc, I can’t link because there’s space after 1_User -

Another way is to use deadlinecommand.exe

deadlinecommand.exe SetJobMachineLimit <job ID> <slave1,slave2,slave3> <true/false> true if whitelist, false if blacklist

Now I’m not sure if it’s possible to add black/whitelist with Event or Job PreLoad scripts. Looking at the scripting reference, Job.JobMahineLimit means something different. It’s a getter method which returns int instead.

There is another method Job.JobListedSlaves that seems to store white/black list machines but its also a getter not a setter according to the ref. Would love to hear staff input on this @Justin_B

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