Start slave through a cronjob



I am writing a bash script that will run in every artist workstation do some checks and if the machine can be on the farm then the script will start the slave.

If a user logs in the machine then the slave will stop.

Now we have deadline launcher running as a slave and doing

deadlinelauncher -slave returns that the launcher is already running.

We are using CentOs here. Any suggestions on how to start and stop slaves through a script?

Thank you



The simplist way is to use the deadline command:

/opt/Thinkbox/Deadline10/bin/deadlinecommand RemoteControl <slave/worker name> LaunchSlave

That way if its successful you will get a nice return:

w6404: Sent "LaunchSlave" command. Result: "Connection Accepted."

The remote command , is what the monitor is using and you can run things like StopSlave & ForceStopSlave

While we are not doing it via cron, we either use the command line or the rest api to stop and start slaves on the farm .

hope this helps


thank you this helps a lot



is there a way to stop the slave through command line as well? I feel like the API is not clear enough to guide you for which commands are available. Also deadlineslave -help only has a start slave command and not a stop slave


The deadlinecommand is well documented, but massively huge in the stdout of a shell, i recommand saving it to a file:
/opt/Thinkbox/Deadline10/bin/deadlinecommand > /tmp/deadlinecmd_help.txt
if you search that file for RemoteControl, you will see all the options.
These line up with all the options that the monitor has.

hope this helps


You sir are a life saver, Thank you. This has everything i need