Submitter D10 Cinema S24 + X-Particles + Redshift

Hi everyone,

we are using Cinema S24 in combination with cached Xparticles and are rendering on a farm.
Usually, the submitter does create two dependent jobs on the farm, one caching the actual rs files and one rendering these afterwards.
With S224 (and Deadline 10) it does the same, but the X-particles are not included in the rs cache files.
They only work if created with the “cache locally” button enabled - resulting in a blocked machine.

Something must have changed from 22 (last working version) to 24 as nothing else has been changed. My suspicion is the python 3 change, but as I get 0 error messages on this, it is rather tedious to tackle.

Did anybody experience similar issues with S24?

Thank you!


is this the latest XP? I found some oddities using it with R23 where I had to load c4d, license XP, restart c4d, remove the license, after that it picked up the XP options. although it sounds different.

is there some options that are saved to the c4d prefence folder which aren’t carried over to the commandline preferences (_x) folder?

As I am not a cinema artist and just helping out - I did not know that there are separate settings for commandline and gui.
Copied xparticles over to the _x folder and it is working!!!

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