Submitting auxiliary files to deadlinewebservice in a Docker container


I’ve got a small dockerized server fam running, based on a modified version of this repository.

When I submit a job that includes an auxiliary file, I see the following error in the Web Service container:

deadline-webservice    | Web Service - Received request from:
deadline-webservice    | Web Service - Request: POST http://localhost:8082/api/jobs
deadline-webservice    | Web Service - Found API command: jobs
deadline-webservice    |
deadline-webservice    | Submitting to Repository: /mnt/DeadlineRepository10
deadline-webservice    |
deadline-webservice    | Submission Contains the Following Auxiliary Files:
deadline-webservice    | 1) /share/assembler.mel
deadline-webservice    | Web Service - Error: One or more auxiliary files for the job were not successully copied during submission, check for network or server issues and try again. (Deadline.Submission.DeadlineSubmissionException)

I guess that the Docker container’s networking configuration is stopping the auxiliary file from being transferred.

How does the auxiliary file transfer actually work? For example, is it base64 encoded and sent with the “SubmitJob” request?

Does anyone have any advice on getting the auxiliary file submission working when the web service is running in a Docker container?


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