Testing Dynamic Licencing Mode

Hello !

We have bought a pack of deadline hours in the UBL.
I’ve setup the settings, but i can’t find any way to test it before all my workers are rendering so i need to wait afterworks hours.

Is there’s any way to test dynamic licencing mode ?


If you enable the Dynamic Licensing option under Configure Repository Options > Usage Based Licensing, you can control how many Standard (floating) licenses should be used before falling back to Usage Based licenses.

Alternatively, you could keep the Dynamic Licensing option unchecked, but switch a single Worker to Usage-Based Licensing via the Deadline Launcher > Change License Server… to force it to ignore the floating licenses and use UBL exclusively.

Depends on whether you want to test whether UBL works, or how the Dynamic mode works…

Thanks Bobo for the trick to switch licence server on a worker. I’ll do that !


i’ve tried to make a ticket here : Submit a request – AWS Thinkbox Help Centre

Because i can’t make my UBL working fine.
What is the best way to request for support please ?


That is the right place to ask for help. You should hear from the support team soon.
EDIT: I replied there too to get things rolling…

Yep thanks !
I think i’ve make UBL worked fine… but it’s pretty obscure to make it.

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