Think I found a shotgun event bug


Got the error below. Seems like the mistake is that, on line 260 of ShotgunUtils, the ‘p’ in ‘parse’ should be capitalized. Is there a more formal route I should take with this? (Presuming I’ve actually found something)

An error occurred in the “OnJobFinished” function in events plugin ‘Shotgun’: AttributeError : type object ‘FrameUtils’ has no attribute ‘parse’ (Python.Runtime.PythonException)
2017-10-11 14:49:07: File “none”, line 235, in OnJobFinished
2017-10-11 14:49:07: File “none”, line 132, in CreateShotgunVersion
2017-10-11 14:49:07: File ***/DeadlineRepository10/events/Shotgun/", line 260, in AddNewVersion
2017-10-11 14:49:07: frames = FrameUtils.parse( str(frameList) )


Hey mmmancact,

We’re already aware of this bug and have a fix already made internally (public in next release), but we appreciate the report!


Edit: For all those who come after, I’ve attached the file with the fixed line that gets copied to DeadlineRepository\events\Shotgun\ (4.22 KB)