Timecode in draft - just a string or a library? Fps + maths support?

Heya Folks!

I’ve gotta do a few tweaks where we strip timecode from an input dpx sequence and generate new timecode starting from a client specified point. With the timecode object in draft, is it only a string at the minute or are there other timecode functions in there similar to this Library? It’d be great to have a starting time variable with a frame rate and just use frame + 1 for each following frame in the encoding loop




Hi John,

Unfortunately, we did not implemented any timecode functions yet, but it is clearly on our wish list.

Beside the functionality you described in your post, is there any other one you would like to see implemented? I will make sure to record your requests carefully.

In the mean time, here’s a link to our documentation on timecode:

docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/produc … ecode.html



Including the linked library might do it.

There’s very few things you can do with timecode but if you’d to program the math to deal with different fps and then drop and non drop timecode you’d have a lot of head scratching and else if statements I’d imagine :smiley:

I’d say it’d be a case of setting a frames rate and starting timecode and then being able to just add on one frame each time with the function doing all the dirty work. At the minute we’re getting our nuke operators to write timecode in their dpx files but there’s a good chance that they’ll forget or break this so being able to do it in draft while we make our deliverables will be great. Likewise we’d want to write it to quicktimes.

Thanks for the info. I will record your requests on our wish list.

Have a great day,